SPITE HOUSE began in 2013, with the express purpose of making video games. Nestling into a neon-infested industrial building in SoDo (Seattle, mind you) we quickly asked ourselves, “how exactly does one make a video game?” We had no idea whatsoever. But we do know a lot about video production and animation and making things pretty. And so: we’ve been taking on Kickstarter videos, trailers, music and 2D animation for indie studios. While reading lots of expensive gamedev books. So until we’ve Johnny 5’d all these words, we’re asking, “Are you perhaps an indie game development studio in need of an animated video game Kickstarter trailer with music?” We’re here for you.

A thing we’ve learned: sometimes a game in development is not as fun or look quite as sexy as it wants to when promo/trailer/need-money time comes around. We get that. You’re not trying to trick people, you just need more time and food to eat during that time. That’s what Kickstarter is supposed to be for. But now Kickstarter is full of games with all this flashy narration and text and sick wipes and stuff. And you’re like this:

That’s cheating! Editing and motion graphics and music people like is cheating!

Actually, no, it’s just on you to make it as fun as we made it look.

I understand and agree with your point and I promise to do this thing you have said. Please list your services.

Certainly. Here’s how we prove your game is fun before or after your game is fun:

  • Kickstarters for video games.
  • Trailers for video games.
  • 2D animation for video games.
  • Music for video games.
  • Video games for video games.

There’s a lot of exciting work we can’t show yet, but visit our Vimeo to check out some older stuff. It’s still real good. OH and here’s where our music comes from. Talk to us to if you might want any of these things: info@spite.house.