air horns can be pretty spooky

Before you watch this video, please watch this video.

You back? Good. Go buck wild, then consider reading about it on Soren’s music blag!

This is probably a good time to mention we do this stuff for people just like you. And we don’t just turn fun sounds into nightmarish ones either. No. We’re also really good at 2D animation, game trailers, music and more. Do you need one of these things? Do you have a game on paper you want on video? Talk to us.

temple gameplay teaser!

We’ve been talking a lot about a “temple teaser” which, sadly, does not refer to a side-of-head fetish accessory. Instead, we were and are talking about the Temple gameplay teaser we previewed at GameDev Collective’s first annual Indie Game Night. Specifically, that it’s live on our dedicated Temple page. And also right here, because why click more?

If you saw this (and us) in person a few weeks back: hello! This is not very much different! We’ll be posting a much-extended-and-actual trailer in the eventual. If you want new stuff, a behind the  scenes sound design video will be posted here very, very soon if not very, very already.

THE temple and what happens when words.

Hi to people who took that card or a smaller card or got a mailing list confirmation they don’t remember registering for (it was the clipboard with the fancy paper and a silver pen on a rubber band). We liked meeting you, so don’t unsubscribe until we send out something unforgivable. We reply to all emails, so that too.

If the above is meaningless to you, SPITE HOUSE just wrapped up about 12 hours’ worth of showing folks a game that is not yet a game. A.K.A. A Video. This is not a new experience. We’ve shown people a lot of videos of a lot of games in various states of completion. But this one was ours, dammit. We’ve been knocking bits off (or onto) this idea for over a year. There are a lot of bits on the floor or on the idea, or both at this point. It’s pretty hard to words what that object or pile looks like like so: video.

Also it was completed 52 minutes before the beginning of the event because we have a troubling amount of trouble stopping. A version of it will end up here soon, but until then I’m going to talk about my mouth and its brain.

So this video of ‘gameplay’ rendered in After Effects runs on a loop, and another video (a bunch of trailers and motion graphics stuff) runs on a loop. And then I start to run on a loop. Every time the video restarts and a new person is there wondering why the words ‘fish’ and ‘seaweed’ are so key to a game that is supposed to be about a questionable German man (you) and the ways he (you) dies (die) alone, I must subtly twitch my right eye. This twitch is meant to wipe the last 1 to 7 minute conversation from my mind and talk to this person as if they know absolutely nothing about what this is because of course they do not. The twitch does not work.

Don’t misunderstand: I love talking about this idea we’ve had for over a year and it is nice to make a friend. But this brain thing: the first fourteen times I introduced our video, my speech varied up or went off on some tangent or I cranked up a particularly ear-wrenching part of the trailer to Very Loud. Its kind of unsustainable after a while.

But wait, it’s okay because Brain has this auto-selective patter-generator that just sort of writes a script that becomes kind of inescapable by hour 3 or so. It’s good and bad. I was extremely relieved when someone asked a question or called me a ‘dick who thinks of ways to make people uncomfortable,’ because these changeups kicked me out of loopspeak. (Also the guy was both joking and reffering to the spooky flesh/fish morpho part of the vid. I think. I’ve been up for a lot of hours).

This is just to say that TEMPLE somehow became THE TEMPLE and I don’t think our brains will let us go back so it’s THE TEMPLE now, maybe. As for these events, we will likely decide to alternate every other word of explanation between us in order to thwart the ASPG and leave our name and other things alone. This also will not work.