Spite House at Ludum Dare 34 and Global Game Jam 2016

SPITE HOUSE done some game jams. Take a look:

B Dogg's unicycle adventureSuper Secret Self-Aware Desert Dash
Ludum Dare 34 (Theme Tied: Growing and 2-Button Controls)

Remember that Boston Dynamics Big Dog robot? Well this has nothing to do with it. This robot’s name is BDogg and he is on the run from the military industrial complex with secrets. He’s a roboSnowden. Race through the desert and swing your big sack at soldiers on Segways. We’re going to give this one more than the original 72 hours of love, so maybe play it then.


Bring Her Back

Global Game Jam 2016 (Theme: Ritual)

More art, less time for this teensy action-adventure game. Awake in a strange forest clearing, your slain companion nearby, no idea how you got there. A dagger with a mysterious pull is your only guide as you quest to complete the ritual that may set things right… It’s mood city.


Ray Grice – Design, Directing and Development
(he does some Twitch)

Cassie Murphy – Game Artwork and Animation
(she has an Etsy with real good cats)

Soren Laulainen – Original Music and Sound Design
(go back up and listen)

Jordan Lofgren – Concept, Design and Animation
(this me)

Austin Nokleby – Concept, Design and Animation
(his website is old)

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